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Why We're Unique

Finda, the world's 1st Virtual Recruitment Partner

Finda was founded by CEO Mike Wilkinson who wanted to find a better way for organisations to hire staff when working with 3rd party recruitment suppliers by removing the traditional 'placement fee' model. 

Our mission has always been to combine the human element of recruitment with the power of technology to deliver professional recruitment services which delight both candidates and hiring managers.

We build transparent and collaborative partnerships with customers and candidates that improve the quality of hires, positively promote the organisations we work with and reduce the cost per hire and time spent during the hiring process for all involved.

We are your virtual inhouse team or an extension of your current teams capacity; we are the world's first virtual recruitment partner.

Our Values

Build Relationships 

It's all about people - whether it's helping them find staff or a job. We must be trusted and supportive to facilitate this process so the relationship between our team, clients and candidates is of huge importance.

Use Proven Technology 

We embrace technology which makes the recruitment process more effective for the companies hiring staff and the people who are looking for jobs. Speed and efficiency are important however our focus will always be on technology which improves the quality of hires made and the experience for the people involved in the process.

Always Learning, Always Agile

We want to continuously learn and push the boundaries of what's possible. As an organisation we are constantly striving to learn through experience and research to improve ourselves as people and the services we deliver.

Driven by Results

As a professional recruitment service provider we ultimately need to deliver a service which improves the recruitment process for the organisations we support and supports the people we work with who are applying for jobs. The two measures of these results are customer satisfaction and candidate experience so we always measure these things through reviews, data and real feedback from all the people we work with.


Focussed on building positive relationships with everyone we work with.


Always searching for new recruitment technologies to improve our services.


Constantly learning & innovating to push boundaries and do things better.


Focussed on delivering positive results for candidates and the organisations

we work with. 




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