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5 top tips to ensure your candidate experience is spot on

In their recent review of Global Trends in recruitment Deloitte identified several ways that the world of recruiting is changing. Attracting skilled talent is now a key concern of business leaders. With talent and skills shortages reshaping the way we recruit there is a huge focus on ensuring that the candidates experience is a compelling one.

So, how can you ensure that your candidate experience is spot on?

1.    Recruitment brand marketing

It used to be that HR relied on the brand marketing plan but that is no longer enough. Ensuring that you have a recruitment marketing plan in place to help your brand stand out to candidates is essential to drive awareness in passive as well as active candidates.

2.    Use every channel

Bringing your brand to life through every channel will communicate to candidates considering you as an employer what the culture is really like. A career page on the website, using social media platforms, job board adverts and bringing jobs to life through employee testimonials and videos can really help give your company the edge.

3.    Great job adverts

Job descriptions are where candidates match their skills to your role. It’s a crucial stage of the process so revamping them and making sure they are search engine optimised can help attract excellent candidates. Ensure that it is more than a list of responsibilities but sells the company as well. Many candidates come from existing employee recommendations so making sure the job description can be shared will also extend your reach.

 4.    Better interview processes

The interview process is another touch point for you with the candidate and can affect their impression of the company. Ensure that it is not unduly lengthy as hiring delays can see candidates fade away. Sharpening up interview techniques, following interview best practice and testing job skills can lead to better culture fit and candidate quality. Consider gaming and video interviews to save time and widen the pool of candidates.

5.    Quality of communication

Be quick to answer queries and communicate how the hiring process is progressing. Candidates expect to be kept up to date with how things are progressing. A lack of information especially in the final stages (or even after all the paperwork is concluded) can lead to candidates disappearing even though you have spent lots of time to get to this stage.

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