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How to ensure your staff training program really is future proofing your business

Do you remember when organising training meant hiring a room and a trainer and ensuring everyone had the date booked in their diary? Just as the way we recruit is changing so is employee expectations on training and keeping their skills up to date.

Finding a better way to keep skills up to date is top of everyone’s wish list. As recruiters with a focus on driving employee engagement training is crucial to both keeping current staff engaged as well as attracting new employees.

94% of employees say they would stay longer at a company that invested in their career LinkedIn’s recent report on Workplace Learning tells us.

In fact, workplace training is considered so important that it was even discussed at the World Economic Forum

Engaging employees and future proofing the business

So, how can you ensure that your talent development program is future proofing your business and minimising skills gaps in your workforce?

1. Make sure employees have time to train

Employees list a lack of time as the number one reason for not doing it. This is especially true of older employees who do not see training as such a crucial role within their careers as Millenials.

2. Engage managers

Involvement of managers in training is crucial to the success. Managerial recommendation of training as well as recognition of its importance in developing skills is the key to engaging employees take full advantage of training opportunities.

3. Regular and often

Employees are demanding training that is developed around them. They are used to consuming their media in bite sized chunks through Twitter and Facebook, so shorter training which is flexible to their constraints is better than long drawn out sessions.

4. Digital training

As the world of recruiting changes due to digitalisation so too does the world of learning. So much is available on digital platforms in terms of content as well as learning measurement.

Talent development is creating a place for itself as a drive of change and growth within companies. It can help drive businesses forward through creating a company culture that is agile and dynamic.

Staff-finda are recruiters always looking for a better way to recruit, be that through better training or digitalisation. Whether you are a recruiter or a candidate drop me a line at I'm happy to chat about the changing face of recruitment.

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