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How to improve offer acceptance levels with a good candidate experience

In a recent survey of recruiters, we found much of the feedback was around the growing cost and time-consuming process of recruitment in a market where finding new talent is becoming more difficult.

Brands are also realising that candidates are also often consumers and the way that companies interact with them in their recruitment process will also affect the purchasing behaviour of the candidate after the interview process. Virgin media recently calculated that the loss of accounts from people who had been for an interview and been rejected was $5m each year. Ensuring your recruitment process leaves candidates with a positive feeling is a growing recruitment trend.

6 Tips for a good candidate experience

1.     Be clear and informative

Ensure that the job description contains all the relevant information from location to salary and share any other job related information.

2. Outline the process

Be clear about how the process works and how long it is likely to take.

3. Make application easy

Consider how-to videos for application forms and give candidates clear indications of what is expected of them at each stage.

4. Share the culture

Put employees on the website so that they can get a feel for the culture of the company and ‘get to know’ team members before they meet them.

Meet the team for coffee/lunch/drinks pre-start.

5. Stay in touch

Contact candidates regularly throughout the process to keep them up to date. Even if it’s no new news, it’s good to hear that things are still on track.

Create a forum (LinkedIn group or place on website) for new starters to talk to each other or to find senior managers to Q and A with – or have a live Twitter Q and A session.

Induction training could be started online (if facilities allow) which gives the new employee a real insight into culture

Also consider a way to keep in touch with people who may not be ready to apply right now but may do in the future

6. Provide feedback

Be open about your feedback. Candidates are looking for advice and guidance to ensure they are successful. Even if that is not with you your feedback could lead them to success at their next interview.

If you’re a recruiter, HR professional or hiring manager who wants to find a better way to recruit the next member of your team drop me a line

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