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Our Value

50% average costs saving compared to using a traditional recruitment agency

Delivering tailored enterprise level technology designed for smaller organisations where required

Flexibility, knowledge, experience and the tools to solve recruitment challenges

Flexible resource, highly trained and skilled recruiters who become or support your team

Focussed on results as long term relationships depend on it

Our Pricing

We charge for our services like any other professional services company, you pay for our time and the technology you need, nothing more. 

Our pricing is fair and transparent so we are not afraid to be open about what our service costs, perhaps unlike many other recruitment service providers.


There are 3 baseline recruitment services charged for:

  1. Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) & Vacacy Managment Software - From £499 p/m
  2. Job Advertising Bundles - From £99 an Advert
  3. Professional Recruiters Time - From £75 p/h

Other specialist consultancy services can be agreed by hourly or daily rates plus any fixed costs

The exact cost for these services depends on the number of elements of The Finda Way selected and agreed against your needs

Economies of scale applied for customers placing high volumes of work with us on a regular basis

Customers pay for our service in 2 ways depending on what works best for them

  1. Purchase blocks of service up front in the form of recruitment credits. Customers will receive preferential rates and reduced prices for the services they require. For 50+ recruitment credits monthly payment options are available.
  2. Billed in arrears. We do the work at an agreed rate and an invoice is sent at the end of a period for the exact work done. This will cost the customer slightly more but gives full flexability and avoids any upfront charges for work not yet done.

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