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LinkedIn is used by over 467m people and recruiters are increasingly using it to find potential candidates and review their skills and suitability. So, it is becoming more and more important to ensure that your profile is performing.

How can you make sure yours is up to scratch? Read our top 5 tips and get your LinkedIn profile in shape

1. Old hat 

It’s easy to let your profile lapse so it’s not a reflection of who you are now and where you are in your career. If you wait until you are actually job seeking you may forget key details or even be passed over for great opportunities because the right information was not in your profile.

Also if you make lots of updates in one go it can be a red flag to your current employer, whereas ongoing updates mean you are on top of your career and achievements.

2. Headlines sell

Your headline is hugely important so ensure that you are maximising its potential. Consider it like your very own strap line to sell yourself. It’s the first thing that recruiters see and it’s what will affect their decision to click on your profile. LinkedIn also searches using words in your headline so make sure it has some words included that are relevant to your work to make sure that you are found.

3. Tell your story

You LinkedIn summary is your chance to tell a little about the how and the why. It’s also a place where you can let a little of your personality come through. People often use it to simply summarise their CV written below but this is a wasted opportunity as it can help your profile stand out and demonstrate your motivations.

4. Who are you really

Being completely focused on your professional qualifications can be a missed opportunity and make your profile feel quite sterile. Including some of your interests, hobbies and motivators can help create a much fuller picture of who you are, helping recruiters make decisions on your suitability for potential roles.

5. What do you think?

LinkedIn’s blog platform gives you the opportunity to get your thoughts out there. There is no need for lengthy posts but sharing your thoughts and expertise or even an experience in your field of interest can give further insight into who you are as well as improving how you show up in searches.

Recruiting and finding a job has changed hugely in the last few years and we are always looking to improve the way recruiting is done. By making sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and standing out you’ll ensure your chances of getting a great new job are maximised.

If you are a candidate or recruiter looking for a better way to hire then get in touch with mike@finda.uk for a chat.

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