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Candidate Engagement

Candidate engagement services are all about turning a job applicant or sourced CV into a fully engaged and informed candidate who wants a job with your organisation. Its all about communication and consultative questioning to learn what candiates really want and match this to what your organisation can offer.

Our candidate engagement services are focused on communicating with candidates to understand what they are looking for via a whole host of technologies but also by simply talking to people. Here are the types of services we offer to help you engage with better candidates:

  • Candidate communication via;
    • Video Chat
    • Phone calls
    • SMS
    • Social media messaging (Facebook, Linked In, Whats App, Instagram)
    • Chat bots
    • Email
  • Transparency with all candidates about your organisation and what you expect
  • We positivly promote your organisation with candidates who may be interested in working for you
  • Help you build and manage talent pools for future hiring needs

Its worth highlighting that with this service we only work with selected companies where we can positivly promote your jobs to candidates because we truely believe that you are a great organisation to work for.

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