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Following a successful recruitment process now's the time to ensure all the hard work and time pays off with a job offer being accepted. Not only this but all unsuccessful candidates receive closure / feedback for a positive candidate experience. Our hire candidate services are designed to support you with these elements of the recruitment process.

We always advise customers to move quickly if there is a candidate they like, ideally within 48hrs of a final assessment. Your internal processes should be streamlined to decrease the time between final interview / assessment and issuing an offer. We can support and help streamline the hire / offer process by;

  • Manageing the offer process & negotiations
  • Issue rejections and feedback to unsuccessful candidates
  • Providing onboarding services
  • Reporting on recruitment matrics and ROI

We will place your silver medalists on hold until a job offer has been accepted in case you need to look at other options.

Rejected candidates will be advised they have been unsuccessful and feedback provided where possible. Details of rejected candidates will be retained within our ATS to utalise for your future recruitment opportunities and talent pooling. 

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